Thursday, July 23, 2009

Indigo Awakening~By Dr. Janine Talty

Indigo Awakening is the story of Dr. Janine Talty’s difficult struggle with being different. This book opens with the author, Janine, telling the reader about her early school life. She was placed into special education because she couldn’t comprehend reading or math. She knew she didn’t fit with the other kids because she was more creative and imaginative. Janine expressed herself through art, because it made sense to her. She demanded to be tested for dyslexia after seeing a news report. When her parents got her tested, they found out she had an abnormally high IQ, as well as dyslexia. Her parents then transferred her to the local catholic school because the classes were smaller and Janine could get more individualized attention. Switching to the private school had helped, but she was still not sure she could even go to college. After many injurieds, Janine decided that she wanted to be a doctor. After moving to the Midwest, she started many different medical programs, until she finally settled on going to Michigan State University in Lansing. After both she and her husband finished medical school, they moved back to California. Janine’s struggles continue until she realized that she was an Indigo.

For those of you who don’t know what an “Indigo” is, Janine uses the words of Kyron in her epilogue. Indigo’s have a “feeling of royalty and a sense they deserve to be here. Their self-worth is healthily intact, and often tell their parents ‘who they are.’ They have difficulty with authority and will not do certain things such as waiting in line. They get frustrated with ritually oriented systems that don’t require creative thought. They have an innate ability to see a better way to do things. They are ‘system busters.’ They often feel misunderstood by other who are not of the same consciousness and seem antisocial unless other like them are around. They often have difficulty fitting in and school is often difficult for them socially” (311). There is also a quiz in the appendix which will help you determine if you are an Indigo.

Indigo Awakening was such a great story. It was definitely a memoir that I enjoyed. Some parts were difficult to read because of how she is treated as a young child. No one should be treated so horribly. The story is relatable to anyone, who has felt different, either because they don’t fit in or just express themselves in more creative ways. If you suspect that you or someone you know is an Indigo, this is a must read.

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