Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interview with Ridley Pearson

As my first post, I wanted to do an interview with an author whom I know personally. It would give my blog a little more of a personal touch. I have been to Ridley Pearson’s signings since 2006. Because he just got back from China, I figured I would ask to do a small interview with him. He also gave me such a great memory of one of his signings (Steel Trapp: The Challenge), when he told the manager of the store where the signing was, “Based on your recommendation, maybe we should get her in front of some agents.” I don’t think I will ever forget that day! I can say that I was utterly blown away by this! So I have to say Thank You Ridley for that!
But enough of my writing and on to the interview.

1. Did you have any bad experiences with not knowing the language?Not bad experiences, but not having the language can be frustrating at times. We were happy to pick up some Mandarin and the Chinese are mostly good with limited English

2. How did your daughters adjust to moving to China?Very easily and gracefully. How was difficult was the school?School was English speaking. They loved it.

3. Of all the places that you went what was your favorite? And why?
That is a very difficult question to answer because all of our travels were unique and interesting. For history: Xi'An (soldiers) For countryside, our trip to western China.

*Just a small note for readers the "soldiers" that Ridley is talking about are the famous Terracotta Warriors

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