Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interview with Storyheart

Storyheart is the author of Across the Pond and he is here to dicuss some points of his book with my readers.

1. I read the about the author information. Is ACROSS THE POND based on your life?

They say write about what you know, and moving to the US from England myself I certainly know all about the pitfalls and issues of moving “Across the Pond”. While the story is not based on me there is much within the book and the main character Fred. Some of the happenings like the shock of seeing people turning right at red lights, the happenings at the BBQ, even the Boston Mall I can relate to. I still run into issues with the language ten years down the line. Using English sayings like “they didn’t say a dickybird” (it means they did not say anything) which is a common saying in England just gets empty looks at meetings in the US.

2. How did you come up with the idea for your story?

Up until this novel I was better known as a writer of short romance stories, many of which were previously released in a terribly badly edited book “Stories From The Heart” These are short like 5/10min reads. Some people call them bathroom stories as that might be the only place you’ll get 5/10minutes break to read them. You can find these stories at

Anyway I decided to try and write a longer story, originally aimed at 12/13 year olds, but as the romance came in it went up to around 15 year olds.

So that is how it all started.

3. Will you be writing a book about when Brittany visits Fred and his family?

Many people who have read the book have realized that there are two if not three possible follow up books from this first novel. I have started writing the second novel, which is called “Across the Pond and Back Again”. It carries on from where the first book ends and includes Brits trip to England with a couple of other characters from the first book turning up.

You can see my fun “silent movie” video for the book at :

Please Note: No book was harmed during the making of this movie. During the water scene a "stunt book" was used

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